Schools Partnership

The idea of 'A Partnership of Restorative Schools' is to provide a structure and a process that will enable members of a community of schools to share, and creatively imitate, relational and restorative practices that are happening in each of their schools. There will be opportunities to visit other schools and to host staff, governors and young people in observing and discussing practice – creating a collaborative environment for development.

In an age when the dominant ideology is to compete with other schools and with other groups of schools, the concept of collaborative partnership represents an appealing antidote.

In Restorative Schools, practitioners create the conditions in which individuals become more engaged in their own development through their involvement in building respectful relationships. A partnership among schools will aim to stimulate a similar process of development through active engagement. The intention is to provide a mutually beneficial collaborative endeavor that will evolve and develop through shared activity and learning.

Participants will be able to:

  • Access a website on google drive in order to share ideas and resources
  • Work together in developing common materials and resources relevant for:
    - family and community
    - supporting lunchtime supervisors
    - developing pupil partnership
    - engaging all staff
    - promoting restorative dialogue
    - developing resources for issues of common concern
  • Visit one of the involved schools in order to observe training for a whole year-group of pupils learning about restorative principles and practice
  • Attend meetings in different schools in order to increase familiarity with each of the partnership schools

Role of The Restorative Foundation

The Foundation will facilitate termly meetings:

  • With headteachers in order to review and plan developments in the partnership
  • With leading practitioners in order to support them in creating growth and development within their school communities